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Leading activist Freya Koss settles long standing amalgam injury case

amalgam fillingsLandmark Settlement in Dental Amalgam Mercury Case

Blindsided by Modern Dentistry and Medicine

By Freya B. Koss


On October 21, 2014, my “Landmark” dental mercury amalgam lawsuit was quietly settled out of court. After a 14 year legal battle, it was a relief to put it behind me, yet I was somewhat dismayed at not having had the opportunity to take my indisputable evidence to court. The settlement averted a jury trial that had been scheduled to take place in New York Supreme Court, Bronx County. I say “Landmark”, as it is the first case in the U.S that found in favor of a patient harmed by dental mercury.

The legal accounting of my case and mercury illness can be read at: Landmark Settlement Reached in Dental Amalgam Mercury Case

I felt compelled to file the lawsuit, not only to prevent the dentist from continuing to harm others, including himself, but also to bring national attention to the potential adverse health effects of placing dental mercury into the body.   At the time, I, like the majority of Americans, had no idea that silver fillings contained 50% mercury. Another motivating factor was to expose the American Dental Association’s (ADA) 150+ years of preaching the safety of amalgams. I want to see the end of amalgam in my lifetime.

In March of 1998, shortly after suspecting that my neurological symptoms were the result of mercury poisoning due to the negligent removal and placement of an amalgam filling, a conversation with Michael Ziff, DDS solidified my belief. He explained the link between mercury vapor exposure and potential illnesses such as autoimmune disease, and directed me to IAOMT’s scientific literature and Sam Ziff’s book “The Toxic Time Bomb.” Internet research further convinced me that three neurologists had misdiagnosed me with MS, Lupus and Myasthenia Gravis.

I felt certain that the mercury fillings in 12 of my teeth had to be safely removed by an IAOMT dentist after receiving the DAMS information packet from Carol Ward, VP, Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (DAMS) now Solutions, who fortunately lived in my neighborhood. I contacted Scranton, PA IAOMT dentist, Dr. Blanche Grube, who carefully removed my fillings within a six month period. My health slowly recovered, with the exception of mild double vision.

It did not take me long to become a fervent anti-amalgam activist, understanding all too well that the general public had been duped by conventional medicine and dentistry as I had.

Within a few years I established the PA Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry and arranged for public lectures and demonstrations, the most memorable, the 2005 picket at the ADA’s annual conference in Philadelphia when we caught 30,000 ADA dentists by surprise. In 2009 with the assistance of local activists and dentists, an unprecedented bill was passed by Philadelphia City Council mandating the distribution of an informed consent brochure ”Amalgam Fillings Containing Mercury” advising patients of the health risks of amalgam fillings.



Not to the liking of the ADA, included was the FDA’s statement:

“….dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects

on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.”

Despite attempts by the ADA and local dental associations to discredit the brochure, it currently is in force.

Had Stacey Case, Fox News TV anchor, Nashville, TN and I been given such a brochure, neither one of us would have developed symptoms unlike those seen in MS. Stacey and I are among thousands of injured consumers who are tremendously appreciative to IAOMT for their longtime commitment to documenting the science, and to Dr. Mark Richardson, Dr. Mark and David Geier, Dr. Boyd Haley and many others whose research led us to understand that our MS symptoms were due to mercury poisoning from unsafe removal and placement of amalgams.   In 2011 I invited Stacey to testify at an FDA Town Meeting in San Francisco. She has since become an outspoken anti-amalgam spokesperson, and is one of the key figures in Randall Moore’s documentary “You Put What In My Mouth?”, the first showing to be held at the Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, NJ on March, 2015.

The announcement of my “Landmark” settlement has received worldwide recognition from injured consumers, dentists and physicians. I am sincerely touched by the outpouring of gratitude, appreciation, empathy and offer to help. Please take a few minutes to read some of the heartfelt comments, and please feel free to share your thoughts at either my Facebook page, Linkedin and/or “You Put What In My Mouth?”

My story on : “You Put What In My Mouth?”

My Facebook page:


Freya’s Facebook: Stacey Case, Fox News: “I am so proud of this woman and friend who fought tirelessly to expose the dangers of mercury in dental fillings and to raise awareness among the public so that others can have the knowledge to avoid the health consequences. Congratulations to Freya Koss for winning her lawsuit against silver MERCURY dental fillings. What a pioneer. What a fighter. What an inspiration. Hugs to you Freya!”

Freya’s Facebook Dr. Bill Glaros, DDS: – Dear Freya, Congratulations and God bless you. Thank you for your tenacious spirit that has had to battle a profession that appears to be deaf, blind, unthinking and even uncaring. As proud as I am about being a dentist and practicing biological dentistry, I am embarrassed and continually dumbfounded about the scientific / social / political position that dentistry’s largest organization has taken and maintained and defended. You have lit a fire that can burn through the denials. You are a hero. Warm regards

Freya’s Facebook: Dori Rota: I am so proud of Freya Koss, fighting the good fight for well over a decade. Dentists MUST stop using mercury! Kudos to all the anti-mercury heroes out there. These people are doing what is in EVERYONE’S best interest, selflessly. I am also very proud of my husband, Dr. James Rota, for being one of the early dentists that said “NO!” The dentists that follow the protocols for safe mercury removal are changing people’s lives…and often saving them.

Oksana M Sawiak, DDS: Oh Freya, thank Heaven! Your courage, bravery and determination has made all the difference. Further, you have both inspired and led large segments of the public and the health professions in the struggle to have mercury amalgam declared a danger to public health. Love… Oksana


Norway: Liv Tone Snipstad Congratulations. Very well done! I wonder how you managed. I had 12 amalgams evaporated in my mouth with drilling in each for hours on / off. Without protection… I lost in court in Norway.

Kevin Ransom: Great news, Freya. Congratulations to you, and kudos for your doggedness and determination


Andi Brockman, DDS “A Well closure has finally come. You have been tireless in your efforts and have single handedly done more for mercury free dentistry than all of us combined. I salute you. 2015 has certainly paved the way for a great year, if not a great rest of your life. Congratulations!

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