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A short introduction to the basic concepts of biological dentistry.

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Mercury 101

A bit of amalgam history, properties and toxicity of mercury.

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Mercury 102

The role of dental amalgam in exposing people – dental patients, dentists and staff – to toxic  mercury.

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Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Recommended methods to minimize exposure to mercury when drilling out old amalgam fillings.

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The Environmental Impact of Dental Mercury

How mercury from dentistry finds its way into the environment, and how to mitigate it.

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Nutrition in Dentistry

The long history of nutrition in dentistry, and its role in dentistry today.

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Mercury Detox

Natural and medical approaches to promote excretion of toxic metals.

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The science behind the IAOMT’s call to end water fluoridation.

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Biocompatibility & Oral Galvanism

The rationale and practical methods for individual biocompatibility testing.

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Biological Periodontal Therapy

How the biological approach contributes to the control of gum disease.

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Hidden Pathogens

How common dental procedures can allow persistence of pathogens in hidden places, with systemic implications.

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