There’s an app for just about everything nowadays, and we are excited to announce that IAOMT now has one for our meetings!

Our mobile app will bring the experience at this meeting to a new level. Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors will be able to see more, do more, and get more value out of the event!

Features of the app include:

  • The full event schedule sorted by day, topic, and speaker. Bookmark or export your schedule directly to your smart device.
  • Networking- Create a profile, upload a picture, share your contact information. Looking for someone? Want to make plans? Send them a message! Search for colleagues via name, suffix, title, or city and state.
  • Navigate the event with interactive floor maps that link to sessions.
  • View exhibitor profiles. You can search by category or by name. Sponsors are highlighted in light blue in exhibitor directory.
  • View speaker profiles. Presentations attached to their profile (if provided to us)
  • Speaker surveys, Fundamentals Course Survey, and Needs Assessment are located under the Survey Icon- Please fill these out. Your feedback is very important to us.
  • You will be alerted of any schedule changes or breaking news events by push notifications.

Apple or Android Users:

Visit either the App Store, or Google Play and search for IAOMT

 Apple Google



Event URL: TBA

This link allows Blackberry and Windows users to view the event content. The event can be viewed in any web or mobile browser using this URL.


Best Practices:

For best results, please download the app prior to arriving at the venue!

First time viewing of speaker presentations on Apple or Android does require Wi-Fi or a data connection. Once you tap on the PDF and it downloads, it will be available to preview at all times without a Wi-Fi connection.

If you are using a windows phone, blackberry, or a computer, you will need to be connected to the internet via wifi, or data. Internet service is not provided in the meeting rooms (This may change. Negotiations are in the works). Free wifi is available in the hotel lobby and guest rooms. Download presentations to your device prior to the meeting for easy viewing.

NOTE! Notebooks will not be handed out at registration. Any information that was previously in the notebooks are now on the new meeting app, including the schedule and forms for CE Credit.

If you wish to have printed material to take notes on, such as speaker slides, or the forms for CE credit, you are responsible for printing these and bringing with you to the meeting. This is still the same as our previous meetings. Visit and find the link in a drop down box under conferences called “Print Speaker Slides/Forms”. Choose the Las Vegas meeting and enter password: TBA

Need assistance with the app?

The CrowdCompass Support Team is available 24 hours/day M-F and 9AM-9PM on weekends. They can be reached at 888-889-3069, option 1, or