What is the IAOMT?

The IAOMT is a network of dentists, physicians and medical researchers working together to obtain information concerning the latest interdisciplinary scientific research. We do not just study dentistry – our lecturers are drawn from the field of medicine, physiology, toxicology, chemistry, biochemistry, risk and exposure assessment, materials science, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, epidemiology, cardiology, neurology, nutrition and other fields of science.

“We are adamant that dentistry should be based on peer-reviewed science – not on history and tradition”

What is the IAOMT Philosophy?

We do not accept conventional wisdom or age-old paradigms. We review current scientific research, explore new information and find solutions to old problems. When we were founded in 1984, we decided that our motto should be, “show me the science”

The IAOMT regularly funds studies by independent medical and scientific researchers. We find it invaluable to participate in an unbiased, science-based organization that offers sound evaluations of published studies.

New members continually tell us they feel fortunate to have found a network like ours. Let us help you practice dentistry based on the latest medical science. Learn about biological dentistry and its impact on patient health.

What does the IAOMT teach its members?

As responsible practitioners, we must always remain open to new ideas supported by reliable research. The materials and techniques employed should be biologically compatible.

The IAOMT gives its members a better understanding of periodontal disease and the toxicology of mercury, fluoride and other dental materials. This information helps develop our philosophy of patient care and assists us in marketing our practices.

Many members report that our full day “Basic Thursdays” course, taught by some of our veteran members, is one of their most rewarding educational experiences. The lectures assist new members in their transition to biological dentistry.

Why biological dentistry?

Dental schools do not teach students about the emission of mercury from amalgam. However, the scientific community has demonstrated that the placement and removal of mercury fillings should raise grave concerns.

Attend one of our meetings and learn what the research-supported and fact-based science reveals about this important health issue. Discover why the views of independent researchers support the position of the IAOMT – not the dental trade organizations. What you do not know can hurt you – and your patients. Your patients will appreciate your search for truth and knowledge and will reward you for it.
What benefits are included with the IAOMT membership?

  •     A free listing in our “Find a Dentist or Physician” online directory to help you market your practice.
  •     Access to the “Members Only” area on the IAOMT website, featuring free and unlimited access to key scientific articles and abstracts of the latest research.
  •     A subscription to the bi-annual newsletter.
  •     Online mentoring by IAOMT experts.
  •     A free consultation with IAOMT’s legal counsel relating to issues affecting your dental practice.
  •     Reduced tuition for the bi-annual national conferences.
  •     Opportunities for Accreditation, Fellowship and Mastership in the IAOMT.
  •     Regularly e-mailed tips for your practice and links to the latest scientific articles and IAOMT news.